venerdì 22 gennaio 2010

haute couture

haute couture, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Sometimes there is the need to stop a minute and look back .
What we have done and what this model profession means for us .
What we are we willing to renounce for it , and what are our priorities .
I am strongly determined to succeed but I dont want become not caring of the others as I sometimes see it happens .
But maybe if you are kind and caring offline, you will be that way online too.
We bring with us, wherever we go, our personality and the circumstances of this glittering fashion world , even if they are pixel glitters, can only just undersline a little our natural way of being, not change us .

So if someone has no style , no sense of measure , no coscience of civilized social behaviour, is not a tag related to the fashion world that can change them , on the contrary a silent charme and a quiet classy way of being can scream mone than a shown off flashy presence .

The deafening presence of the substance will win the screams of all form people :)
At least I hope that :)

giovedì 21 gennaio 2010

Arialee Miles

Arialee Miles , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
well better late than never.
Lots of things are changed and i will be a better blogger from now on
I left some exausted work and sentimental relation behind me .
And i go forward . As always .


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