domenica 31 marzo 2013

my love is noisy


My love is noisy,
it is not well educated,
you can’t bring it out for dinner
in fancy restaurants,
hoping it behaves,
hoping  it shuts up.
You can’t mantle it
with the cloak of quiet prudence,
moderate  acceptance,
equilibrated tolerance.
It is not balanced
it doesn’t know barriers
it doesn’t care to see signals.
My love kicks and screams,
it cries all the tears
for  unsaid, uncertain fears.
My love has scars
and sometimes it bleeds,
soiling your clothes,
reddening your hands,
when you try to keep it still.
You can’t dress it
with glamorous suits
hoping that it stays quiet
sitting in a corner,
grateful and tranquil.
My love is fearless and shameless,
it will grab your hand,
will drag you beyond
every obstacle and
it will laugh in your face
looking deep in your fears.
My love is primal,
instinctive, savage,
my love is wild,
it doesn’t listen to reasons ,
it doesn’t know occasions,
it doesn’t care of opinions,
common sense conventions.
You won’t be able to tame it
with the power of your words
with the force of your beliefs.
It will win or die.