giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

happy holidays from arialee

Happy holidays to everyone !
Just little thoughts full of peace and love .
Little things that make the difference
because the importance is made of details :)

mercoledì 15 dicembre 2010

The Magician

watching you ...., originally uploaded by arialee miles.
this piece was written for a dear friend and I like it because those words means really a lot for me !!!

Someone calls me magician but I am a trapeze instead
what the people see is the bare result
they can't see the discipline and the work behind the magic .

They , with their noses upside with staring eyes look at the star
I , the one on the thread , feel the dangerous weight of every step
I walk on the thread and I know what it costs ,in pain , in loneliness in pieces of life.

I am the trapeze and I walk on the thread
with skilful equilibrium I balance myself
a step after another ..sizing the rope and sizing my own strenght.

They see the colourful allure , they hear the shrill music surrounding the show
but it is me who walks , attentive , cautious in the absorbed effort to proceed
a foot ahead the other , trying hard to not watch downside the thread.

Every step , a game , I balance the wooden bar in my hand , I sweat
the public applauds looks so easy ... you are the magician !!,,they scream
I am the trapezee instead , the only who knows what happens if for a moment i let myself go.

I am the one who balances the apparence and the truth ..what you see is the cover , look inside.
I bend my head on a side and i move on a well known pattern , I try the rope while I walk away
the wooden bar rotates while I make my show , the eyes widen the noses are upside .

I keep the breath while I am half way .. i don't hear the music anymore
following my whole being which becomes the thread .. I am my step , i dont think anymore
I just walk straight while the audience antranced and thrilled cries .."ohhh".

Every time on that rope there is my life , without thoughts and without net i walk
I dont know if that is the right way but it is my way . They want see the magician.."Here you have "
I am the trapezee instead , and i only know what there is behind the show .

Astonish others is my art ..walking on thread is my only escape
and i see them almost scream , when with a pirouette i reach the other side .
"Ahh the magician !! ".....they scream , I am the trapeze instead .