venerdì 22 luglio 2011

I hear your music

disaster in brown , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
I hear your music.
Your silent symphony
explodes in my head,
and the sound
shivers on my spine
rolling on my back,
until it flows
along my arms
in my hands.
A thousand words,
color their meaning
in the deafening noise
of a mute discourse.
I will continue to
talk to you
even if trapped
into an hopeless

martedì 12 luglio 2011

the sluggishness

GK slap garde black , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
The sluggishness of a day,
passionate in vain,
catches me unexpected,
and the air of a new fall
surprises me again.

The sun in its envious turning
flatters me with an embrace.
Late season,
ultimate attempt
of languorous mildness.

I observe myself crying ,
and I don’t see my face.
How have I been able to
not recognize myself
in my true nature?

I can’t say I’ve gotten lost,
because I don’t know
if through the flowing of time,
I have ever been able
to find myself.

I live halfway
suspended in an undefined space,
in the acute percipience
of my senses,
being on the alert.

I am going away,
I leave myself.
My strength slowly
extinguishes itself,
engulfed by still parasites.

Eyes more empty,
a more tired heart,
my mind chases after
my soul in its
failed outbursts.

That’s why I survive
under this sick sun,
driving myself back,
refusing myself
the colour of a thought.