venerdì 30 luglio 2010

Rambling about a dress ..... eeekk

dress Azul
Hair Tukinowaguma LaSnob Cyber Gold

This was my outfit for MVW Live Audition ... I didn't pass and I dont complain .
I talked broadly about contests & judges tastes  elsewhere , it is normal sometimes win and sometimes lose.
The ones who were picked up were fantastic talented girls and I think judges had really an hard time deciding for the yes or the no.
Anyhow on the contrary of other times , when I always had the awareness of a dissonating detail, this month I wanted to show my outfit because I really loved it , I had great fun assembling it , fun modelling it at the audition and even more fun taking these pictures . And after all fun is what really matters , at the core it is all about fun . There is not bigger rewards that the joy of being aware to have built a good product . And in this case my product was me . :P
No worries if the box stayed over the shelves and none bought it , its lightening eccellence doesn't depend about the tastes of the buyers , I will never sindacate that , it is part of the game I deecided to play.
But hey it speaks for itself . I loved it and I loved to love me . What a narcisistic brat LOL !!!
Wow I was really proud of myself this time , and I continue to be absolutely content of what I did .
Others had different opinions , I fully respect them, I even understand their reasons if I think about them from an outer perspective , taking in count all the pros and cons, but acting in a way that not mirrors myself just to obtain something has never been in my way of being , I am what you see  ..... and  I can't stop to say " you rock girl " to myself !!! You did a great work be happy simply with that :)
Our value is the value we attribute to our actions and decisions , the self esteem is someting that is built layer over layer with an attentive and merciless eye on our acts; we have to live in a social world so we have to adapt to some convention but never the collective imaginary has to prevail over our true self .
As I said last night talking somewhere win is nice ..but to lose is not a tragedy , and mainly is not the ruler with whom we have to size ourselves .
But now stop rambling about a dress

here a fun quote that I loved

I'm not that interested in fashion... When someone says that lime-green is the new black for this season, you just want to tell them to get a life.

Bruce Oldfield (English Fashion designer. b.1950)

eheheheh I share the feeling fully >LOL
yeap I am a living contraddiction but damn it ... I do love it !!

stop for now :P

mercoledì 28 luglio 2010

it is the mask instead ......

it is the mask instead , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
It seems almost true ,
disguised in black satin,
graciously parading,
waddling on dizzy heights .

It is the mask instead
The work of a drunk puppeteer
The icon of the crowds.

They think there is some substance
Behind the frowning pout ,
the slightly alluded smile
the sapient trembling lashes
the far sidelong glance.

Behind the mask a soul ,
There is any truth ,
somewhere ?
Behind the elegant laces ,
Besides the curly hair,
Beyond the glowing skin
The perfect gemmed nail,
There is any presence?

Or it is just the alluring
human and fascinating
slightly morbid attraction ,
the ineluctable impulse
to look deep into void ?

by AM

martedì 20 luglio 2010

The art of war applied to butterflies' competitions ..eeeek

arialee and the crow , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
The Art of War applied to butterflies’ competitions ….

Although dreamy and apparently absent minded as an inhabitant of an alien solar system who is the last to know its sun is shutting down , I usually have few but very clear opinions about what I see happening around me , but I never express them in a too vehement way, never in a aggressive way , absolutely never complaining ( maybe I did two times in almost 2 years of modelling , but those were limit cases and the recipient of the complaints should be ashamed about what they did and told me ) often choosing to keep my opinions for myself and myself silent.

That because even a right, justified and wise opinion in theory can become “dramatic “ and so become an inopportune behaviour if expressed with a too high (even if metaphorically ) tone of voice or in a wrong contest .

But my relaxed way of taking fashion world related things, and my SL in general , my way to choose to react “not reacting” to blatantly clear provocations or little mean actions, not fair behaviours , which have the smell of poorly conceived revenges, has never to be mistaken for weakness or worse dullness .

Because I sure you I see everything and I can state, with a slightly snobbish detachment that I usually understand everything what I see .
I am quite aware about what I am surrounded by . I just don’t mention it by choice, a choice of personal style I made some time ago .

I simply let people have what they deserve and often they don’t deserve more than my silence.

Most of the time I just decide willingly to not stop on things , to take a deep breath and move on , to avoid to talk over and over , and reply and review in detail every single thing was said, and every single thing was done or done not , avoiding to blow up on the fire of the easy, useless, polemic .

I must confess I am rather bothered when I notice this way of acting in other people , are they right or wrong , when I hear an insistent complaining about everything my first instinct is to run away and leave them at their repetitive blah blah , and that thing was the best deterrent to keep myself far enough from similar behaviour .

I prefer to let flow bad gossips, poor mean jokes, little mean actions, little or big unfair behaviour on my shoulders that although graceful and delicate if surrounded of lace and silk on the runway, have been trained to be solid and strong as rock, in my everyday life .

Because we all, lovely battalion of butterflies, often when we complain about something ( and the 90 % of time we complain for not being chosen somewhere) , we start from a wrong premise that wrongly influence our evaluation of the reality.

In fact usually when we participate to a casting, submit the photo to a designer’s contest , attend to a live audition , we assume that the winner “must be the best looking , the best dressed , the loveliest of us , and when that happens most of us ( there are always the due exceptions , but complaining in that case is a mental pathological illness and I wont talk about it ) quietly accept the result in the consoling thought that the superiority of the winner assured the fairness of the whole matter .

But when for a chance, likewise fair, and soon I will explain you why it is , to win is not the “best one , the best dressed, the best looking one , the loveliest “ then we start cry havoc ….. And there is nothing worse of the deafening noise that a battalion of silent complaining butterflies make.

Ahahaha ….. I hear you my dear little butterflies and I understand you ( because I don’t live on Mars I am one of you ) . I can perfectly hear that subtle , sneaking voice make its way between a smile and a ritual “congrats” , that little voice coming from the inside of the bowels , climbing the tummy , arriving till the left ear to whisper us in a cross tone.. “..damn it …I was perfect …, my outfit was perfect ,….. my poses were impeccable, ….I looked like a true princess and wtfff%&%$£$% kkk !! They didn’t even looked at me !! “

Well I have had in a not even so far past that kind of self destroying , time and energy consuming, kind of mind attitude, I am not ashamed to admit it because , it is a someway natural behaviour although I fixed it and I feel much better now . But that’s why I know perfectly what I am talking about ….

It is a kind of “newbie competitor” attitude, not because it is “newbie” to complain in general, that’s only annoying , but because the reason we often complain for .

It is all tied to the wrong mind premise we have when we attend a “competition”, meaning with the word “competition” whatever kind of event where models are lined up , live in alpha order or by photo on a agency wall , and as result we have that some (or one ) are picked up and others no .

The winner/winners of the competition whoever she is , often is not he best , the most skilled , the best dressed, the loveliest of the competitors .

Sometimes , it can be even a completely outsider one , and can even happen that the skills, the beauty , the sense of style , the poise of some of the discarded ones scream out loud , but doesn’t matter , it is perfectly fair the way it is , that to win was not the best , but the one who met what the jury , whatever jury , was looking for .

The one that gave an emotion to the human being called to judge, even if her dress was not perfect, her pose not so sophisticated and a bit stiff and her look not so impeccable. But with evidence something in her moved a range of emotions that other even better ones were not able to move.

Yes , I know what you are telling me my butterflies – “…..there were a lot that looked like royal princesses!” ..But you know what ? That day the judges were just fed up by the royal family princesses and they were looking for a twist more so they had an emotion and picked in the bunch the 3 that looked like the escaped residents of an asylum on fire” .
( it is a fun example I am not referring to any recent event . You won’t trap me on it !! LOL )

And now I hear you my lovely butterflies, asking me again , if it is so fair that in a competition, the judges make that kind of choice …. and I will never stop to tell you, YES ..YES ..YES .. it is perfectly fair and completely understandable , because the things judges/agencies/designers look for, in that place and at that time , is always different and it might even be out of the “orthodoxy of the loveliness” or on the contrary lay completely on that concept, depending on their temporary tastes and inclinations.

Obviously I don’t even take in consideration the fact that to go ahead in “competitions” of whatever genre , are people chosen in consideration of their friendship or job relation , or familiar bounds with some of the judges or their friends or clients. I hope such a low thing doesn’t happen because, this fact would insult the intelligence of both who choose and who is chosen, meaning the chosen girl wouldn’t be able to go ahead without a little friendly “push “ .

But we all know so well that these things never happen in SL fashion world , that just mentioning it is a loss of time 

Back to us …. I will tell you a thing (and it took me a while to understand, metabolize and accept it ! ) that an arbitrary judgement of a jury , provided is not polluted by “nepotistic” reasons not contest related , is fully A B S O L U T E L Y fair .

If we accept to be underneath judgement of third people in a competition, provided that we trust their independence of thought and their inner seriousness, we must accept their tastes , their little mania and obsessions , their pet peeves , in few word we must accept to be liked or not on the basis of an unfathomable criteria , a ruler of evaluation that can even not be at all “ the runway skills” or “the loveliness of look ” .

We must learn that it is an act of faith in which we can just be happy of the result we brought there , doing our best . Then if our best was not their best … well patience it means that next time it might be better , in the same place or in another place .
That is all about learning to deal with refusal without being eaten by it.

Because, butterfly , never , and I mean never , to be not picked at a casting , or not chosen for a finale or not bla bla bla bla ( insert what you like here ) …..must make you doubt of your inner value, if after a true self analysis about your look , your editing , your poses , your whole you, you are truly happy about yourself .
Not everyone can win, and sometime win and sometime lose is part of the game.

But the exam to be useful must be true and made with self honesty and a good deal of self irony to be really useful .

At this point I can’t avoid to tell you a little story about what happened to this “ old runway chicken” that defines herself skilled, not more than some weeks ago .

Dressing for the casting , not happy about the shoes I had in my first outfit , I decided ( against every good sense rule ) to change them last minute , and so 15 minutes before the casting call the “here writing dull runway chicken” decided to head towards a well know shoe shop and buy an elegant pay of new brand pumps . The here writing chicken bought them , went back home , unpacked them tried them , edited them , added tem at the outfits and went to the casting all in 15 minutes . Wonder Model !
Then she made her performance , she posed , she was elegant , she was lovely …….. and she was discarded .

Now I don’t know if it was only for that, or to being discarded contributed a sum of reasons , and really I don’t want to know . Because going back home ….. realize I had forgotten to eliminate the damn heels click sound that was on default and to think …darn it I am f %&/(%&%$%&d was one thing !!! But the result was the less.

If I think about it , and I can’t do it without laugh in the depth of myself ( I thank the God of the morons who gave me a sane sense of humour to keep me safe in any situation ) , I am still shuddering in horror and shame thinking that I had done a whole casting call in front designers professionals and collegues , with a “ clippete cloppete clippete “ sounding runway!

I sure you , when I realized it I would have made hara-kiri with a solemn death ritual under the old low prim peach three in my house garden .

But then I realized that it happens , it happened to the best and it will happen in future to better people than me , it should not to an attentive professional , but it does , and when we make such a gross mistake, it is useless to find if and but , we have to raise hand with grace and say … ok my fault !!

That anyway brings to my mind another issue. I am sure , because it already happened that if I heard some other model making such a noise I would have immed her telling her about the fact , now I wonder , did really nobody else hear it or despite our smiles and hugging the merciless logic of “mors tua vita mea “ prevailed ? I prefer don’t question myself about it . At last everyone needs to keep some illusion intact 

Back to us .
The only thing when we compete we must be sure of ( usually it happens more in contests than in castings ) is the seriousness of the organization and the fact they don’t change the rules in the middle of the play , because that is not only lack of honesty and deeply unfair but even deeply in spite of the time , the emotional investment and sometimes the economic resources of the contestants .

We should always avoid to join competitions where we have the smell ( and lets trust our instinct ) that someway the result is pre-cooked , where we and our gracious loveliness or our fierce unconventional sense of style , are used like movie extras just to make the landscape and make shine the one/ones who were pre destined to win since before the competition started . I must say there are not many of these case, but such pageants exist , and it is only a matter of time learning to develop the skills that bring us to find out those scams ( and I don’t talk only about the usual “pay for vote” contests easy to avoid in their gross evidence , but even about some with a much more “presentable facade” ones ) and run away with the speed of a rocket .

And that choice and evaluation has to be made with a lot of care, asking advices , not being ashamed to make lots of question about how it works, having the courage even at beginning of a career to say no to smelling bad situations and to join only well known and with adamantine reputation of seriousness organizations .

I know it , my lovely butterflies , because I have been there as well ( well lovelies as you can see I have missed nothing in the “cursus honurum” of the perfect dull newbie model at my beginning ) , bad experiences with those runway predators and life drainers , can cause serious wounds to one’s own self esteem that can be only fixed with a lot of trust in oneself .

Being part in those fake representations, even if made in prefect good faith as it happens most of time , can make feel ashamed of oneself , and I have no fear to use a “strong” word can leave a sense of disgust and of fault like it happens , without any reason , to the innocent victims of a violence.
But about that, my butterflies , we will talk another time .
Enough ramblings for today 

lunedì 12 luglio 2010

le temps passe_ Mea Culpa Photo Contest

le temps passe, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
I am very happy this photo won the second Prize at Mea Culpa photo contest .
Mea Culpa is a haute couture avant garde fashion brand that I am following since its very beginning few months ago .
Tatanka Kaligawa's vision of the fantastic side , often the darkest one , of the fashion completely meets my taste and could inspire me a good imagine that I translated as possible in a photo .

venerdì 9 luglio 2010

I delete

come un dipinto , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
I delete the traces of your presence
From my life and from my belongings

I scrape off under my skin to remove
The memory of your scent .

I delete letters , I delete presences
The joyful hope then the sadness

They don’t melt anymore
In the waiting , in our anticipation .

What you are is not what I am anymore
We have taken note , we know it .

We are idle streams of something
Which destroyed the best inside ourselves.

I focuse to believe to get over it
I wake up in the night and I rethink it

I restrain myself from screaming out loud
My deep pain my antique sorrow.

And I live again all our past days
Our passions , holding our hands so tight

The unknown destroys me
But sometimes knowing too much
.....doesn’t help.

giovedì 8 luglio 2010

The Vampires and the vultures

Some people aim is only to drain energy out from you.

They like vampire and vultures feed with your life fluids and leave you exahusted and bewildered , wondering what was the reason of their behaviour . Or worse wondering what you have done !!
Is not your fault , sweet butterfly , if not the fault to trust too much , specially at beginning .
The reason about that feast of blood , is a no reason really , they are predators , and maybe you are just the right victim at the right moment for them , nothing personal.
You can find them everywhere ..yes.. butterfly , dont open your eyes in astonishment , they are even in SL fashion world !! And they are many .

Some are naive so easily identificable and easy to cope with, because their gross behaviour in taking advantage of others , is so clear and lightens on their forehead like a traffic light , allowing people who are not totally blind to step away without regrets .

Some other instead , are much more dangerous , because their technique , often passive aggressive , is a mix of strictness and sweetness , a smile and a pout , now flattering and now detached, keeping one always on tip toe and that kind of " dead kitten " behavior ( even a male can be a dead kitten !) it is recognizable only after a while , when you are in that molasses till the neck and the damage has already started to produce in your mind.
They never criticize you in open , but when talking about you they have always an extitant tone of voice a movement of eyes "... yes .. she's good ..but .." , they never speak upfront to you but the grid is full of their speech done on your back, they always show you symphaty , and now and then for at least 10 minute you feel "the centre of world" , but then for the rest of the time you are with them they don't support you at all , eben showing a slightly bother about you .
They profess you friendship and love, but they always have a stab ready to use ( pret a porter ) under their cloak !!!
They are a more civilized kind of predators , better dressed and with a better spelling , but not less dangerous that the really ugly ones .

Now I dont want terrorize you !!! Come here ..dont run ... of course the SL fashion world is a fantastic place to work and stay , it is highly rewarding if you work hard , it is full of lovely , professional , wonderful, friendly, supportive ready to help , and really worthy people !!! Full of lovely collegues , agencies , designers , DJ, staff , all people which is a pleasure to work with and for .
So let's try to open our eyes wide and become more selective , lets not run in every contest we see , apply for every model call we know about , running running without to know why , lets not be pushed by hunger to work ending in not professional hands .
Lets stop now and then and lets make a little review about those requirements of seriousness that we all know what they are , lets check if they are all in place before to accept a work , and if we accepted it and we start to smell something not right ..lets follow our istinct .. lets step away , you are the best judge about what is the best for yourself ..and they won't change ..they never change .
lets be clever ( yep I am sure , butterflies have a brain!!! so lets use it )

DING !!!
Wake up butterfly !!
Butterfly defend yourself !

Defend your private life , your job and your dignity ..dont allow them to pull you down at their level and cause you damages that after.... when you want make the change of level.. in a high level career , where really high standards are required , are hard to fix .
Because some little black spots , some initial acquired flaw both on your style and on your curriculum are really persistent , they stay on you very very long , even when you seem to have won them , if you dont use the best detergent , rubbing hard with a harsh , intensive professional extra dose of training !!!
.. butterfly step away with a smile, never polemize in any case , but closing accurately all the doors at your back .

And to remember you, all that i talked about with a smile, I will write below what once said George Bernard Shaw

" I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig .. you get dirty and besides the pig like it !! "

have a great day :)

martedì 6 luglio 2010

Now that you are here

Now that you are here, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
The Art of War for Models aka
Sun Tzu applied to the Butterflies.

_dedicated _
My dear butterflies collegues , my lovely sister models that so graciousely rock back and forth the runways of all this virtual world that often we call international homeland , this is for you , some rambling , some advice , some trick some simple talk , I hope you enjoy 

Thought # 0 _ I start ….. I start … … Why the hell do I start ?

Lately I have been asked some questions, by a curious friend out of the modelling environment , which gave me the occasion , in order to meditate it and give not stereotype answers to a true cherished friend , to think quite long about this shining and glittering SL fashion world, that usually is after all the best choice , satisfying , rewarding and flattering towards us battalion of lovely butterflies, but sometimes can become merciless, damaging and heartbreaking in the unaware selfishness of its ineluctable mechanism , not less and not with less intensity than the failure of a fully lived love story .

Usually , in the few posts I made here, I used to not talk too much about modelling related things, preferring to enclose in this space and accordingly explore , other sides of my creativity, like my pictures or the occasional “poetries” or “ little pieces “ I like to write , but now I feel I have to start saying something about this world which is the world I chose to belong in SL , and so I will do.

Because my nature is to follow my instinct , and to keep faith to my beliefs and to the things I think that are right . Without the intention to make offence to anyone but without fear to make mistakes speaking upfront , because without any fear to admit my mistakes , if any.

So I think I will start to write now and then about some modelling related subjects calling them simply thoughts and numbering them , taking the occasion of the little rambling by something which happens to me or to people close to me .
Always joking with the title of the most well known manual of military strategy and always keeping safe my sane level of self irony and the capability to laugh about myself .

I won’t lay any claim to teach anything to anyone but I will have the illusion maybe to offer some starting point about making some consideration to the few who want read me and follow the twisted and warped thread of my thoughts .

I will try to approach the issues I will consider, in a general way , trying to find out from them a meaning which makes sense , without enter too specifically into single matters, avoiding to make names , trying to not lower the level of the talk .

As I will refer to pure facts not to people or other living (or dying) entities fashion related , if someone will feel recognizable by it , well it will mean their action identified them and what I wrote was not so new , so I hope they wont complain with me only by describing or referring to things otherwise already well known .

I don’t promise to be rational , I don’t promise to be sane ( I have never been and I won’t start now), I don’t promise to be fair ( I am human and I have my preferences ) , don’t promise to be useful to everyone ( we are not all the same ..thank God !) but I promise to be honest and true , sometimes extremely serious and sometimes irresistibly fun , and to give you , hidden in all the “fluff “ I will write some useful occasional tip if you will have the patience to read me 

More soon :)


lunedì 5 luglio 2010

1_ fireworks show _ 4th july

4th of july , indipendence day in US
my birthday in Italy :P
usually a time for good intentions , clever purposes or simply a day like another we let flow on our shoulders ..a bit older ..a bit wiser a bit disilluded ..... maybe :P
au revoir :)

venerdì 2 luglio 2010

front cover

pastiche, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Trapped in the front cover
Of outer passions
I believe in unfaithful deceits
With the trust of an irremovable pureness
I keep my mind intact
Even in the play ,
In that subtle boundary
Between the true and the false
The true lie and the simply unsaid
The fiction and the reality
Which someone still call life .
I am the image
The mirror of my desires
The journey that I haven’t done.
The missing piece of the puzzle
O maybe the last verse of an unwritten poetry.
The first note of a mute symphony
of unexpressed music.