mercoledì 6 maggio 2015

tell me your secrets


a dedication

Let slide those shadows along the darkened things
In that particular hour suspended in the twilight
while the day slowly dives lazily in the dusk
while the consciouness leaves place to the swoon
and the shades of enlonged leafy branches
are threatening monsters hidden under our bed .
But we can win all the shades waiting patient our sleeping
we can fight all the monsters with the light of our minds.
So tell me all your secrets and I will tell you mine,
while in your arms I find my beginning and my aim
and we will make it twinkle with the spark of our words.
Tell me every secret you have never said,
all the things and the caresses you have never known.
Sing for me every song you have never heard
and I will play for you every day a new music
with a magic instrument made of dust of lost angels.
Whisper me all your secrets and I will keep them safe
locked in a special place carved behind my heart
between dreams and delusions, betrayed loves and illusions,
wasted tears and true emotions.

words phothographer and model Arialee Miles