mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

.... leaving


Sometimes although our burning desire to stay , is time to go and open wide our wings.
Time to go for ourselves and for the one we love, go to fly and  travel unknown routes and have something always new and always unexplored  to live and tell.
Time to go to not be  folded on ourselves and become just the last habit difficult to escape for fear to hurt, only the last pitiful lie on the altar of a warped sense of loyalty . 
And yet the longing even before we leave is strong and fills our hearts of sadness, though there is the mind which leads with  clear lucidity its implacable  analysis that makes us true to ourselves and suggests with merciless bluntness that there is not other solution but set the other and ourselves  free.
That it is time to go to not be forgotten , time to leave our shores to be remembered before it is too late.