sabato 10 gennaio 2015



If all you can do is crawl, start crawling. ~Rumi


In a nowhere land
where nothing stay untouched
under the lashing of elements
I buried my heart.

I let  fall it in a ditch
I have digged with my hands
and  filled with the
ground of my regret.

I did not turn to watch
I did not say a word,
not a farewell, determined.
I left it behind.

My heart is buried in a nowhere land
where beings without a name
scream their sorrow,
unheard cries.

I trespassed the borders,
of the no-love land,
crawling beyond  my fears
passing them and going ahead.

I am not brave but without a choice,
without help, without peace,
without a reason to survive,
without an aim and without a passion.

I found the sand in my pockets
and I filled the pit of my heart
to repair it from the bombing
without any shelter.

I built an house made of
withered branches,
of unmentionable lies and shrewd pains.
And now I live there.

Photography and words by Arialee Miles