mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

I am bound to you

faux pas, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
I am bound to you, welcome it or not ,
with invisible ropes tightened along my brains,
with knots tied to my naked soul full of scars of you.
Make of it a message for the future inhabitants
of a shattered world, full of hopeless aimless robots.
I am bound to you, think carefully about it
in the depth of the nights when restless nightmares
will mercilessly haunt you till a sleepless dawn,
that surprises you helpless in the middle of its colorless twilight.
I am bound to you, and this simple undeniable truth
will not fade away, will not disappear, will not be deleted ignoring it
just pretending with a shrug I have never said it.
Just pretending I always keep intact my strength of mind,
my unquestionable logic and my impeccable self control,
pretending I am not the wild son of a warrior offspring.
I am bound to you, and whether you want listen to me or not,
those are the facts in their bare , simple and shameless essence.
Almost a luminescence, my womb iridescence, an opalescence
Clairvoyance and vengeance … that’s my life and it is your prudence.