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surreal arialee

surreal arialee, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Sometimes one just wants wake up and see a different light surrounding the reality .Like a shine , a little shiver a journey into the surreal part of the life .

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RESUME Arialee Miles UPDATED March 2012

arialee miles, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Updated  March   2013

General Data
name : Arialee Miles
nationality : Italian
Timezone :CET
SL date of birth: 17thof July 2007
SL availability :
week days usually from 11 am /noon to 5/6 pm SLT
week end from 10 am /6 pm

Runway , Print and Video Model

model represented by:
*AVENUE Models
*Glance International Models
*Solo Evane Models
*SWMB Production
*My Precious Events
*Déjà vu International Model
*Spirit Models ( charity )
*TP Ima
*Venus Model

Studies and Training
1. Horan Models School _ grad Dec 2008
2. Darna Dream Fashion School _ grad Feb. 2009
3. Mimmi Boa Model Academy _ grad  July 2009
4. Venus Academy _ grad  Feb 2010
5. MVW Academy _grad Feb 2010
6. Avenue Academy_ grad April 2010
7.Glance Academy_ grad May 2010
8.Eima _grad June 2010
9. Look Elite Academy _grad Jan 2011

* Payton Heron Advanced Modelling Seminars c/o Evane
*Mui Mukerji training for My Precious*
*color me right seminar by Frolic Mills

[sYs] Contest Manager
Portraits and Fashion Photographer
Bites of Nite Photo Studio owner
Runway coordinator
Style consultant
Fashion Blogger

Work Experiences

Past experiences _
Formerly model for Horan Models  , Darna Dream Fashion , Cathalist of Fantasy , Eclectic Visions, Astral Models , SoloDue , Evane  EIMA, Dejavogue , KV fashion agency
Formerly in house Model and Models’ Trainer at CwS Corp (Jan/Dec 2009)
Formerly Teacher at Fashion University of CwS Corp (Oct/ Dec 2009 )

Runway _
Represented by various agencies I have modelled in several fashion shows presenting creations of, inter alia, Bliss Couture, Vogue, Dare2Bite, Simone, SJ, Alisha, Kattleya Greggan, Alba2 Rossini, Dark Depression, Chez Gabrielle ,S@ss Shoes, Caithlin Carter Design , Sanizen, P3, Sage Wonder, Nils, Dark Depression, Kaotic, Patrizia Blessed , B Style , Lady Thera , Alpestyle, Sanizen, House Of Beningborough, DD Style , Entre Mares , My Precious , Red Passion ,SF, Shouted , Grimorio , Ezura , Alienbear Jewels, My Pink Skull , Kim Bodysuit , Divine Couture , MEB , Khush, Ginevra Lancaster , The king of Shoes , Glamour Style , Bonetto , SF , Rag Dolls, Indira Original , Stiletto Moody , SaS , Indie rose , Kunglers, Zashiki Gi, Kastle Rock, Amarelo Manga , Innuendo, Thea Tamura, Aliza Karu, Ydea,Kastle Rock , DrD, Estravaganza , Agy Secrets, Figure Shape , Avion ; ALB fashion , Avion , sYs, Meiling, lionskin , deity , LeeZu, aliza karu , jador, Donna Flora , Hyatt, redmint , baoba , L+N signature , Finesmith, Tres Beau , Callie Cline , Champagne, Azul

*About 40 in house FS for CwS Events
for the top designers of the grid
*Casualmania by SW&MB Productions
*House of Beningborough FS by Venus Models
*DD Style FS by DD Style Events
*Ezura FS by Venus Models
*Divine Couture FS by Venus Models
*Heart of Haiti by Evane Models
*Tribute to A McQueen Auction by BOSL model for Divine Couture
*Lost in Love by Solo2 Project
*Spring Queen by Solo2 Project
*MEB Spring Collection FS by MEB Events
*Jenuary FS for My Precious Events and Alienbear
*February FS for My Precious Events and Alienbear
*March FS for My Precious Events , Alienbear and King of Shoes
*April FS for My Precious Events , Alienbear
*Glamour Style FS by solo2project
*The 60’s by Eclectic Visions
*Rag dolls by LC Academy
*Lady Gaga friday teaser for DejaVogue
*MEB summer Show for Astral Models
*SaS FS for Eclectic Vision
*Indira Original For Glance fashion week
*July FS for My Precious Events , Alienbear and Stiletto Moody
*Fantasy Fashion show by Solo2project
*Around the world in 80 minutes by Avenue Models
*When fashion meets art _Lady Thera FS for Solo2Models
*October FS for My Precious Events , Alienbear and Stiletto Moody
*Glamour Style and Innuendo FS for Evane
*Amarelo Manga FS for Avenue Models
*Purple Rain Anniversary FS for Solo 2 Project
*November FS Entre Mares and Alienbear by My Precious Events
*I'am not your doll ( live performance for 2Lei /Pangea desses Aliza Karu )
*Snow White Happiness by solo2models (host )
*Ydea FS for Modway
*Kastle Rock FS for Deja Vogue (host )
*Entre Mares, Alienbear and Stiletto Moody February FS by My precious Events
*"Broken Hearted Drama Queens " Blvd and MVW Academy models' Valentine FS
*Mech Toys Fashion Show By Avcon
*Brazil Fashion week "DRD" Fashion show by International Model Agency
*Brazil Fashion week "ALB" Fashion show by International Model Agency
*Brazil Fashion week "AVION _FIGURE _FINESMITH" Fashion show by International Model Agency
*Brazil Fashion week "ESTRAVAGANZA" Fashion show by International Model Agency
*Brazil Fashion week "CARNEVALE " Fashion show by International Model Agency
*Agy's Secrets Fashion Show by Solo2 Models
*Entre Mares & Alienbear March FashionShow
*sYs Experience FS by Avenue Models
*Entre Mares & Alienbear April fashion show
*Meiling FS for Blvd and MVW Academy
*Edge of Tomorrow ( Lionskin ,Deity , LeeZu ) for AvCon
*Alaska FS ( Aliza Karu , Donna Flora , jador ) for KV Fashion agency
*Surreal Show (Hyatt, redmint , baoba , L+N signature ) for Opium agency
*Model in Motion for Miami fashon week ( Indyra, Faster Pussycat, Gizza, Diram ) for Opium Agency
*Finesmith FashionShow _Miami fashion Week for Opium Agency
*Shan BLVD models for BOSL Fashion Week
*The Diva Shop BLVD models for BOSL Fashion Week
*My Precious and Alienbear October Fashion Show
*Winter Fashion Show ( Blvd Agency )
*Hitchcock Fashion Show for SoloEvane Models
*Entre Mares December Fashion Show
*Season's Greetings for IMA TP
* Mardi Gras Parade For Opium Evolution & BLVD

Logo of 2009 /2010
Simone Stern Store Vendors (summer 2009)
Divine Couture Store Vendors (winter 2010)
Glance Magazine ( ad for Divine Couture_ photo by Hermes Kondor _ Issue February 2010)
Avenue Magazine (ad for Angel Dessous _photo by Julie Hastings_ Issue March 2010)
Glamour Style Store Vendors ( spring , summer , fall ,winter 2010)
Sinatra Magazine (ad for Glamour Style_photo by Arialee Miles_ Issue October 2010)
Model for Art for Autism ( The Forbidden Side of a  Woman _collective expo October 2010 )
Avenue Magazine ( Amarelo Manga FS review_photo by B.Tokyoska Issue November 2010)
Avenue Magazine (ad for Glamour Style  _photo by A. Miles Issue December 2010)
American Bazaar vendor Jan 2011
Glance Magazine (ad for CheerNo Femme _photo by V. Endrizzi Issue Frebruary 2011)
AD for LIONSKIN May 2011
Solidea Book for Asymetrique sept 2011

Life of a Runway Model _ Cw/S Corp _ nov 2009
PixeLooK. net Promo Video by Lowe Runo _sept 2009
Zarzuela in SL by Metaverse TV _Feb 2010
I am not your doll ( 2Lei)
AVCON VIDEO  AD Tres Beau Contests

> Bliss Princess Photo Contest (1 runner up in tie) March 2009
> Ms March 2009 Calendar winner at Cw/S _ March 2009
> Prestigious Model Award _May 2009
> 3 runner up Ms Beautiful _April 2009
> Finalist in HWoF CwS _June 2009
> Face of PixeLook Contest winner _Sept 2009
> winner or in first3 in about 50 Styling contests at C w/S (Jan/Nov 2009 )
> 1 runner up Ms Beautiful  _October 2009
> 2 runner up Ms International  Nov 2009
> Divine Model Fair 2010 Winner for the month of January ( Jan 2010)
> Make it Work February ( second place ) February 2010
> Finalist of Ms Fashion 2010
>  Mea Culpa Photo Contest 2° place

SL Goals and life philosophy
Although with a certain mastering of the runway, always with the aim to improve my skills and never stop to learn and research , at the moment I am taking special care of my model training attending academies, seminars and workshops about modelling techniques.
So my SL goal is to improve even more in this committing career to become the best model I can. I strongly believe in the professional duty to be well trained and stay always updated to give one’s own best in this committing career . That because new techniques, new poses, new walks, new looks, new conception of fashion and style in SL modelling never stop. They change and evolve very quickly, and a serious professional model can’t allow to be left behind. So I consider part of my commitment and responsibility to always make an hard work of research, study and experimentation to give to the Agencies and the Designers who choose me , trust me and rely on my skills , always fresh ideas and solutions to present the creations that I model.

Photo and Video Portfolio , Contacts

my photo portfolio at

my videos at Promo _ Courtesy of

Zarzuela El Barbarillo _ courtesy of Metaverse TV

email me at

Skype Arialee.Miles

gothic escape

gothic escape , originally uploaded by arialee miles.

The pains
Of an outraged season
Of a thousand
outstanding hopes
Withdraws .

The end of every
Seems idle in its futile
Uneluctability .