lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

simply a model

simply me, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
What means to be a “good model “?
There are many ways to be a good model and different ways to conceive this career but some common points can be numbered.

You will have heard several time about one of the main “no no “ of the model profession ……... the diva attitude !!

Well that doesn’t mean you don’t have to feel a star, if you are objectively someone that shines like a star.

Not having a diva attitude doesn’t mean be flat to the bottom or the average but always being able to be emphatic with everyone.

Being a “no diva “ means not make weight on others your superiority (even if there is ) , always being humble, well-disciplined, professional , easy to deal with and friendly, accepting without discussions all the decisions of agencies and /or designers , even if they seem to you silly and irrational (because sometimes even the irrational has its reasons !! ).

It means learning to understand the people you work with and their limits and pet – peeves.

In fact there are many different ways agencies and designers approach their relations with models, and maybe with others in general.

Some ones like to have constructive feedbacks and advices even from models, feel enriched in their work by exchange of opinions even if dissenting , others on the contrary feel damaged if only one model dares to address them with an < hello > or an IM . So before to have well known with whom you are dealing better keep comments for oneself unless expressly asked for them .

However in this second case even if you have to “ shut up and walk “ do it with serenity without emphasize dramatic ( that are never dramatic ! ) events , never feel diminished for not being able to express your point of view . To let it flow and pass it dancing is plain survival technique.

We are not compelled to be always “in the right”, sometimes lets allow ourselves to be wrong 

A right “no diva” attitude means to have personal preference and thoughts but always help new people that approach the model career, being always ready to support the ones in difficulty even if we wonder how the “eeek” they arrived till there.

Lets be honest, sometimes we wonder why someone clearly not gifted at all insists to pursue this career struggling with it in a endless yet hopeless battle . Well in those cases unless we are their trainers or teachers, lets keep our judgements for ourselves, and if we don’t have anything nice to say lets just shut up.

But never let the ruling mainstream mediocrity make us doubt of our strength ( they will try for sure to drag you down ) or of our skills if we are really convinced about them .

If we are blessed to be “ahead” lets try to not be dragged behind just to have an easier way to live and work.
Lets wear with pride our difference !!

If we have fun in it, and sometimes even if they are not fun at all but “useful “ lets participate to ( well chosen ) contests but don’t rely too much on ephemeral popularity of temporary “titles” which are forgotten two- days after they are passed , but work it ... always work it ...whatever you do and wherever you are, don’t stop to work it hard .

Practice your runway style, your poses and your walk, be proficient in mastering the runway and dare new frontiers in posing understanding when to do it and when keep yourself in a safer zone. Attend courses seminars, talk and listen in models’ workshops and congress , learn to make the clothes you wear live through your experience.

Learn to tell a story to the audience through your look and your moves, let the clothes you wear scream, whisper, love , enchant , seduce through the way you perform and style them.

Fill the clothes with your personality without disturbing their essence, make them speak and express a statement underlining their voice but without suffocating it. Learn to dose the balance.

Attend shows , watch RL fashion shows videos, learn to make poses ,learn to take photos , try to always style yourself , not only for shows but even in everyday life , read magazines , go looking for shops , be always curious ….yes be curious of everything so you will keep the flame alive .

Don’t discourage if all that can seem useless to you , if results don’t come at once , if you have potential and if you worked hard suddenly one magic day all will disclose at your eyes and the caterpillar will become a butterfly .

You will see at that point how easy is to find the right hair for the right dress, the right tone of skin which matches that hair and the perfect accessories to complete the ensemble. If you are so lucky to be blessed with a vein of madness, keep it intact and convey it in your original vision .

The mix of your vision , your style your sense of occasion will build your professional personality , be flexible but never become what you don’t feel to be and mainly have fun doing all the above , because people perceives when someone have fun and really loves it . It gives to the whole a special allure of lightness and shine .

Be aware that although it must be lived and approached with extreme seriousness, the model career must never be perceived exteriorly like a fatigue , it has not to be a fatigue because a model first aim must be to convey the audience desires on the designers’ creations and people likes to follow joyful people.

A sad , worried struggling model will never sell a dress that at very last means to sell a dream in whatever life .