venerdì 21 dicembre 2012

The nature of things

simply aria, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
It seems useless and meaningless,
surreal and unbalanced, reckless nonetheless .
It looks like a joke and you won’t believe me!
It seems strange but I swear it is true.
Like a slow dance following its own music,
It starts from my legs, crawls along my sides
passes by my tummy, tickles my navel
and goes to sit just behind my heart,
where is said stays the place of the soul.
It allows the body to shake and twist
and my heart to make somersaults,
then it reaches my mind in a nonsense symphony .
It might seems odd and not true,
adolescent exaggeration,
psychotic addition, maybe a compulsion !
But fact is that I can’t help it,
it takes over me and makes me
full of a meaning I had never had.
I am aware, I acknowledge, I know it
and yet I flow in this conscious trance
enjoying every minute of it,
knowing I have never been this way before.
I don’t wonder about the nature of things,
I am not the exact semantic police
nor the labeling feelings watchdog !
I don’t give definitions, calculations, previsions,
observations, information, assumptions !
I don’t blackmail any other persuasion
with the strength of my sure conviction!
I just know what I feel and I stay with my
determination, secure and sure.
Eyes well open and well steady heart.
I am where I am, where I have to stay
and where you will find me tomorrow.