mercoledì 26 giugno 2013

I bend to you


I bend to you
to your unusual gesture
yet so familiar deeds
to those able to read
beyond the simple appearance
of a banal, mundane caress.
And your glance
outlines with a simple touch
the shape of my soul
revealing every shore
and every hidden inlet.
And so my soul is bleeding
and drop after drop
filling your hands
with all the words
left unsaid between us,
with all the absences
the willful reticences,
all the long waits,
all the questioning stares.
And yet  you surprise me
with something always new
unexpected in its simplicity
essential and unforeseen
taking my  fingers in yours
and lifting my mind away
in a renewed elsewhere,
the only place I crave
the only which makes sense.

venerdì 14 giugno 2013

for all my mistakes


For all my mistakes
the one I have done
and those I will commit
for all the time
I stood here thinking
it was never too late.

For all the prayers
I have never said
for all the silences
I have let flow
between  my hands
empty in front of life.

For all my pride
and my being vain
for my beginning
and for all my ends
for a flag of regret
for the drums of my heart.

For all the trust
I have wasted
and all the useless
memories I have kept,
leaving you walking
alone in a dead end.

For all the fantasies
flying in my mind
like blind butterflies
against your  flame,
with all my mistakes
I always will love you.