venerdì 12 dicembre 2014




There is a place in the back yard of my mind
where I keep all the retained words
and the questions I haven’t been able to put.

There is a line just in the middle of my hand
where I saw the struggling of my  heart challenging
 all the adverse conditions to get  you

There was  a time suspended in a non-time
where we used to meet part crazy and part unaware
about the pain we were going soon to inflict ourselves.

There is a room well hidden in my heart
where I built your home with foundations of trust
laid  there one by one with stubborn dedication

There was a place in the basement of your mind
where you had already decided since long ago
to plant the first seeds of the unavoidable end. 

Photography  and words Arialee Miles 

mercoledì 29 ottobre 2014



for a dear lost friend ..... 

So the rain keeps falling
over strained slightly red leaves
and all around the nature
prepares  the last lonely embrace.
A blast of wind swarms over the street
and a wet plastic bag pretends to fly
rising from the asphalt,
whirling unsure,
then suddenly after an attempt
falls down
like a pale wounded butterfly.
Your eyes,  deep and dark,
put a mute question,
nobody knows the answer.

mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

.... leaving


Sometimes although our burning desire to stay , is time to go and open wide our wings.
Time to go for ourselves and for the one we love, go to fly and  travel unknown routes and have something always new and always unexplored  to live and tell.
Time to go to not be  folded on ourselves and become just the last habit difficult to escape for fear to hurt, only the last pitiful lie on the altar of a warped sense of loyalty . 
And yet the longing even before we leave is strong and fills our hearts of sadness, though there is the mind which leads with  clear lucidity its implacable  analysis that makes us true to ourselves and suggests with merciless bluntness that there is not other solution but set the other and ourselves  free.
That it is time to go to not be forgotten , time to leave our shores to be remembered before it is too late. 

martedì 1 luglio 2014

The invisible reasons of the heart


Il cuore ha ragioni invisibili agli altri e procede per proprie intuizioni.
Né derive né sponde , razionali o profonde gli rendono agevole il corso .
Per i suoi tormentati percorsi tortuosi, impetuosi , difficili , ostili
è inutile impresa inseguirlo , blandirlo, attirarlo , circuirlo. 
Con la mente cercare di corrergli dietro e capirlo, di mettergli briglie, domarlo.
Il cuore ha sue strade nascoste, sue onde , sue piene e maree , correnti
navigabili fiumi sereni  o torrenti schiumosi di rabbia repressa.
Il cuore ha decisioni incostanti ha slanci a volte improvvisi , ha languide soste
precise ferrate lungo montagne dai lati scoscesi e dalle cime impervie.
Il cuore ha una regola sola, l’assenza totale di schemi  algoritmi o equazioni .

The heart has got  its invisible reasons and proceeds for its own intuitions .
Neither a sliding keel nor an rational and deep edge can ease its course.
For its tormented, meandering , rushing , difficult , hostile  journeys
is useless enterprise try to follow it , cajole it, attract it ,deceive it .
Try to run after it with the mind and understand it, to put a bridle on it, to tame it.
The heart got its hidden roads , its waves, its floods and its tides, undercurrents
navigable peaceful rivers or rushing steams of suppressed rage.
The heart got not consistent decisions , got sometimes sudden dashes, got languid halt,
it has definite railways along mountains with rugged sides and inaccessible peaks.
The heart has  got only one rule , the total absence of patterns, algorithm or equations.

Photographer and model moi :)

giovedì 19 giugno 2014

although black love is love ...


Love Black

Love is not always pink and held in a candy box .
Sometimes love is black , love can have thorns and can  make us bleed .
Love can have various shapes and sometimes it can't be sized with the usual mainstream meter used to seize  conventional feelings .
Inexplicable  things we do for love, and we surprise ouselves and we astonish people around us , we do little and great acts of courage for love and  we do great gestures of craziness.
That is not craziness at all ,  yet it is the life itself lived intensely,   till the last bite of sanity, till the last drop of conscience,  at time of recklessness.
And yet it is sweet to sink in this state of elated foolishness while we close the reason out of our doors, deaf at its screams.

And we run .... and we run ...and we run .... wildly...  we run  happy towards  our pain .

giovedì 5 giugno 2014

breaking the rules

arms up high

Breaking the rules

No matters where you are , what you are doing and on what boat you are sailing .
No matters what is the dream you are dancing and in which dimension you are running .
No matters what sea your thoughts are crossing and what is the mountain that your hands are climbing.
What is the ideal you are pursuing and what is the light you are following . 
What horizon  your eyes are looking   and what are  the words you are seeking .  
No matters how much you keep me far nor how long the path will be . 
There is nothing you can do, you try to fight but  you can’t win and you know it well ... and yet you fight .
Because you’re mine.