venerdì 20 gennaio 2012


Novel _caged , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Wisdom follows
roundabout paths,
controversial at times.
Wisdom is not a revealed truth,
nor an axiom or a dogma.
It is an harmonious whole
of life elaborations,
arduously put together
to build something solid
that in a sideways fashion
crawls from the
womb to the brain
destroying every
previous certainty,
every stubborn assumption,
every naïve presumption.
This is the reason
I can’t reverse my life.
It is already upside down,
and to reverse it
would mean only
to bring it again to its
original position
without any real
pleasure or satisfaction.

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

there are things ..

There are things we do for boredom ,

other things we do for duty or pain,

other again we do to please

in the illusion to be pleased back .

We cover paths in the deepest darkness,

twisting our hands round the buckles of our soul,

twining ourselves round the logic of our fears.

Thoughtless and desperate we jump into the unknown

waiting for the abyss that follows us closely ,

carrying our burden of irresolute purposes.

We discuss freedom without feeling its taste ,

We talk of love without perceiveing  its colors,

We argue about conscience

without understanding its ambivalence.

Then worn out, enlightened, bothered and tired

we stop to walk and jump and search and talk

sheltering into a passion we glimpsed through the window

for the only reason we don’t know where to go.