venerdì 23 settembre 2011


dirty rich , originally uploaded by arialee miles.
What miracle people are looking for
while descending the slope of their disdain?

Till where does an elusive glance arrive
before stopping to caress the eyes of a lost love ?

Is it all an escape to fight the days of a next cold winter ?
I don’t know anymore ,
I barely understand my reasons ,
I look for you, for an answer and I wait
for something that could open my mind
and clear up the fog and the regrets .

Have we to let go our enchanted time ?
our space , our passions
our infinite attempt to be true to each others?
That suspended moment between time and reminds
when it is just us and nothing else appears?

Your music breaks my silence,
my words are not enough to unveil you
to keep you close , to win your resistance.
Don’t keep me outside
Don’t close the door .
I am here .

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lunedì 5 settembre 2011

le estreme propaggini ( the farthest branches )

la signora delle camelie, originally uploaded by arialee miles.

Le estreme propaggini ,
del tuo errabondo amore
mi raggiungono,
mi circondano,
mi toccano.
Ed io sorpresa
mi avvolgo in esse,
mi rimbocco
le tue ali sulle spalle
e mi arrendo,
nei tuoi sogni
mi addormento.

>>>>>><<<<<<< The farthest branches of your wandering love reach me, surround me, touch me. And I surprised wrap myself in them, I tuck your wings on my shoulders and I surrender, peaceful, in your dreams, I fall asleep.