lunedì 28 gennaio 2013


I am not in war, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Sometimes the things
which hurt our feelings
are the ones that should help us
to find out our limits.
So trailed by our emotions
we dejected admire the collapse
of our illusions.
We hurry up to archive
sensations that could disturb
our attitude to cover the remote meaning
of too literal words and discourses.

lunedì 21 gennaio 2013


Peace on Earth 5 # 3, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Outsiders who aren’t strangers
More familiar than far friends,
More presents even if absents,
Alive in thoughts,
They act and interact,
On parallel axis,
They meet and they graze,
And they depart,
Persuaded that
The nothing
Will last forever.

Wildly infatuated with ideas,
Drunk with words
They continue to interweave
Transient relations,
Illusions which cannot be disregarded,
Mind subjections,
Self deceptions.

They embellish the life
Like a saint patron,
With pinchbecks and jewels,
They disguise the days,
They shuffle cards,
So well acquainted
With their own fictions,
With the compulsion to repeat
That the parallel is real,
And the false becomes true,
In the reality of their self knowledge.

They are in pain,
Vulnerable tools
Of others’ strength,
Unwitting victims
Of haughty bondages,
Sudden refusals,
Unjustified desertions,
Unforeseen disappearances,
Wilful deceptions.

They love,
Hanging themselves
By a thread
Of abandoned trust ,
Of aware blindness,
Of instinctive relief
To a concealed wretchedness.

And they love,
It seems paradoxical,
But they love
With deep love
And unreserved devotion,
Cause not mediate
By physical attraction ,
Not upset by competition.

They look for each other,
With trust they rely
On the unknown
Of a sign,
In the insecurity
Of the next day
In the hazard ,
In the uneasiness.

Benefited from the remoteness,
Held by the nocturnal intimacy
Or by the secrecy
Of a stolen morning,
They tell each other the soul,
They narrate each others’ dreams,
Soothe each others’ pains
Of stinging disappointments,
And plunged in
Overpowering passions
They exchange promises
They know they won’t keep.

Then they run away,
Suddenly they disappear
Shades in the shadow
They go back in the limbo,
In the blurred background ,
Souls to rebuild,
In a snare,
Identity to fill up
With other others’ lived
Hunting again
And again,
To outline a past
A simulacrum of credibility,
To try another game
Pretend another love,
And feel
A shiver

mercoledì 9 gennaio 2013

Tell me another story ....

don't wake me up, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
Tell me another story while the burglar night
surprises our rituals, and the words and the voids.
Tell me just a story, only another and I’ll go.
I will leave this land of elves, fairies and giants
to withdraw into the warmth of dazzling falling stars
which live into our dreams when we can’t fall asleep.
Tell me another story, one with an happy end,
so that I can look at myself while smiling in the darkness,
when a kiss of yours, a whiff, a candle, a breath
stop to gather my gestures to put them into yours.