mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

Pet Peeves

Today I feel “tricky “ and pestering and in mood to talk about what I dislike to read in SL residents ‘s profiles.

They aren’t matters of mine and moreover are only personal opinions so please don’t feel offended if your profile shows one of the things I can’t stand. That’s only me ..and none is perfect !! ^^

My idiosyncrasy for those little peremptory statements is something not really important that I should ignore but I am so bad and I can’t help to get irritated by that abuse of banality I read in profiles otherwise very good and interesting.

I am talking of those cooked and mainstream sentences .... always the same you can read profile after profile , that people thinks is “chic” or “brilliant” to write there .

First among them is the reference to the word “drama” in all its declinations and its specifications.

Until some time ago one of the most recognized “taboo boo-boo” in SL was a “drama” person/action specially in love relationships , luckily this obsession has gone a bit lost lately even because people are noticing that the “drama free zone” area was becoming a nobody land where all kind of bad behaviours were permitted and where every legitimate complaint about not fair actions were labelled as “drama” and accordingly stigmatized.

So the awful expressions “ no drama “ ( in all its variations ) or even worse the other “drama free zone “ that we can find in the smirking profiles of every “wannabe snob” ( often together the other absolute horror and conceptual mistake “my IM get capped“ and the other pearl of wisdom “resume can be given upon request”) are now so mainstream to become an almost burlesque cliché.

Luckily a new awareness movement is raising against banality and more and more people abhor and denounce as completely dumb such statements.

So please lets make ourselves a gift and have our small dose of liberating drama now and then …. lets allow our IMs to go happily capped, and if that really happens we can always read them on the mail…. ( on the contrary a lost notecard ... is lost forever !!... yes baby that’s a new for you even notecards get capped !! ) and in final lets avoid this conceited” diva “attitude to assume that someone in a such competitive field looking casually at our profile (professional readers have already in their hands more infos than we can imagine ) is driven by such a strong need to read about ourselves to break their silence and ask us the resume. Risible !!

Anyhow if we are interested in providing some additional information to the adventurous who should wander in reading our profiles we can put an educated link to a website , a blog or a flickr where we can place an extended curriculum vitae and some quality photo ..... avoiding this way the awful sentence.

Lets go back to the drama now because the issue is inspiring ( lol !) and lets explain why I think that this fake “no drama” attitude is not only dumb but even a dangerous cliché .

The “no make drama” sentence like the “ my IMs get capped” ( never , always , often, constantly depending on the degree of one own self esteem) in profiles are a sample of collective trends that people follow without even know where to go , just because they think is a cool thing to write .

It is obvious none likes to turn their SL in a worldwide war or a sequel of “fight club” or again in a championship of wrestling in the mud , but the attitude to be forcedly detached by every form of human feelings and the answer ”no drama please ” that is given to us too fast as soon as we dare to politely disagree with someone, ask for an explication or simply in a kind way don’t comply to every extravagant request , in my opinion is highly irritating .

At least it irritate me to the highest.

So I guess if for a sample your partner cheats on you and consequently breaks up with you to follow the first club dancer ( estate manager, red district escort , scripter , builder, PR , fire-eater, trapeze and go on ) he/she met when you were offline dealing with the tax office papers or with your kid’s measles , you can have written in your profile “no drama“ in bold character in every page ..... you can even be in good faith believing in what you wrote , but I guess you will be possessed by an irrepressible impulse to take him/her for a ear , put the beast sitting on a thorns chair and swear him/her all the Julian, Gregorian , lunar and solar calendars in 5 or 6 languages well known, less known and unknown .

But the only fact you wrote that little “non sense” in your profile will give to the bastard the allowance to answer you in a condescending way ..” dear but weren’t you the one who hated dramas ? dear cool down and take it easy … ..lets be rational ..lets avoid drama …. BASTARD!

No my dear ..lets be a little ( just a little ) mean and write in our profiles a quiet line of kind warning to the idiot in charge ..that if he /she only dare to mess up with us they won’t have just a single drama.... ….. but they could eventually get the complete Shakespearian theatrical season !! It is wiser and surely more honest with human nature !!!

We as model ( and not only ) have already so many stress in our professional SL lives, we often have frantic RL that barely combine with our modelling commitments , we have already to avoid dramas on work ( that is a good choice indeed and so obvious that there is no need to write it !) we don’t deserve in addition in our private second lives to be attacked by the puppet in charge with our own words , twisted at others’ use , just because we thought that small sentence was a “cool thing” to write .

Besides , would you wear a dress , ( even the best one), after you see it on other 10 people ?
Never !!! We want be unique , we ARE unique , we are creative and original !

So why indulge in this foolish trend ? Like everything that we can find in more of 3 profile in a row it is so mainstream to the point to become an annoying cliché.

So lets take the “risk” to have some IM capped , lets take the risk that our resume is not requested (btw who is really interested will ask for it anyway ), lets take the further risk to stand for what we think is right without being mocked with our “drama” words .

So lets be professional in our profiles but at same time (always with class and that sense of measure aimed to the uniqueness we stand for ) passionate, original, mad , creative , dreamer , irrational , in few words lets be human because after all it is the only difference that distinguish us from people who have their real soul made of “pixels gone bad” .


giovedì 10 marzo 2011

the days empty of your presence ...

mardi gras in old pink, originally uploaded by arialee miles.
The days empty of your presence
fall like withered leaves
from the branches of my void time tree.

I mirror in my present
and I don’t see joy in it ,
it is not possible a smile for me if you don’t smile .

I dive in your eyes ,
And I don’t see any room
for something that resembles us.

Laying on the banks of my quiet river
I see your rushing stream finding a way
attacking the sides of the mountain .

And I analyze , without any fake mercy
the reality you always showed to me ,
and like rain it flows on my naked shoulders.

I understand you more than you can know ,
And I torment myself for not being able
to sooth your soul and to lighten your mind .

And our words like lovers’ tears
flow on our empty bare hands ,
that don’t know what else to aim for .

I look at you and deep inside you, I see myself ,
the same rage and the very same pain ,
not able to find an end nor to get to a solution .

Maybe one day looking back at these times ,
we will understand the reason of a smothered love
painted with all the colors of the dream mixed to regret .