giovedì 30 aprile 2015

the dollz court_ a tale against gender murder


Just because you can see us like little children dolls it does not mean we still exist as you would expect.  Under the mortal shape so visible at the most there is more than an usual form of life.  
A more mysterious essence is concealed behind those remains, something of a different form. 
We have been here, with our hurried dollish shuffling and our childish chattering accompanying her in this house since  she was only  a child and sharing with her long tea afternoons, laughing in happiness and joy …. We have seen the excitement of her first dates and then we witnessed  the preparation for her wedding . But that was before …    far before  your steps on these stones, resonating heavy suffocated and covered her cries, tears  and her screams due to your strokes days after days since you came to live here.
Till that day you yelled louder and your fist hit  stronger her face and then beat it  again and again   and you stopped only when her head bumped against the wall bouncing like a broken doll and the blood from her forehead spilled and made a pool on the floor weeping under the  carpet covering the  room penetrating the stone and the wood. 
Meanwhile her breath light like the wings of a seagull reached the air,  that air  she  did  not have anymore and  lifted her soul  towards the sky in a surreal pirouette towards an angel, towards a God , if you believe in one ! 
And you down in that room dirty of her blood , alone with  the only worry to clean it all, and report her disappearance  to the police. An escape, an absent minded inquiry,  maybe  a secret  lover  , who knows !
Oh you have been so inconsolable, looked so  sad, desperate. A pillar of the neighborhood. Poor man !
But now we are gathered  here for you ! We were waiting for you.  
Come have a tea with us sisters of our beloved child . Come to your little doll friends, don’t be worried  man, we have seen it all ! We were here invisible witnesses.
We are just waiting for you!  Do not hesitate, do not be scared of the unavoidable! 
Sooner or later we all have to watch in ourselves with a true attitude. 
Do not be afraid the consequences of what with self indulgence you call your “ little mistake”, do not be afraid of us and about  what we could do . Oh, we will not harm you, violence is not in our plans nor in our aims , we do not look for turbulence just for acknowledgement, for self - assessment. 
In our tea there is just something pure ,   there is the awareness,  there  is your removed bad conscience, your self- absolution, your astute penitence, your renovated confidence.
You can sit among us and have a simple tea,  an exquisite talk, you can  look deep in the essence of the reality,  take a tour in your true conscience, measure the size of your guilt with the eyes of your denied evidence.
We will just give you the tools and true inner eyes to watch deep in the gorge of your dark soul and you will draw your right consequences.   Ohhh and we forgot to tell you !!  ….there  on the table,  just beside the teapot near the sugar bowl , we left  a  gun just for  every occurrence. 

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